The best decision I ever made was to have a second opinion with Dr. Z. I was scheduled to have a fusion in three discs of my neck when I saw Dr. Z for a second opinion. After evaluating me and looking through all my films he felt strongly that the pain was not coming from the discs but actually a different structure in my cervical spine. He scheduled me for some injections and I recommended some supplements that I am still taking today. My neck feels brand new and I am back to playing tennis with my son. So grateful to him for his honest advice, compassion and caring manner. Thank you Dr. Z.

“Dr. Brady is clearly conscientious and an amazing surgeon. I thank him heartily for my new hip and improved quality of life!” – Anonymous

“Dr. Bodenstab has done everything under the sun to try to get movement out of my left knee. Hoping that this is the last time. He has been a great doctor to me!” – Kenneth R. Raively, Jr.

Seen for Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex tear. [Dr. Sowa] is a great surgeon! My wrist is as good as new less than 10 weeks later! I had pain for 6 months prior to surgery.-Anonymous

Dr. J. Axe diagnosed me when doctors at Penn Medicine couldn’t. He operated on my shoulder, fixed the problem, and 3 months later, I’m back to my old self without any problems or complications. I went from not being able to lift weight with my left arm at all without it feeling like a knife in my shoulder to good as new. Dr. J. Axe examined me, told me what he thought was the problem, and began treatment. First, he tried the conservative approach to avoid the need to operate, but they didn’t help my personal shoulder issue, so we decided the surgery was needed. The operation center was very easy going, everyone was great! Dr. Bonaventure was the anesthesiologist there who inserted the IV, I never felt a thing! Everyone at First State Orthopedics is on top of their game and very professional. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad experience. Thank you very much Dr. Axe!!- Chris Childress

“I had a knee replacement, and Dr. Pushkarewicz and the staff were excellent!” – Charles F

Dr. Leitman did a great job replacing my left knee joint. I am very happy. I would recommend FSO to all my friends!” – Timothy W.

Dr. Crain is an excellent doctor. He is very comprehensive. He listens to you and is very helpful in the healing process after surgery. –Anonymous

Dr. Raisis is excellent! My right knee was replaced 4 years ago and my left knee a week ago. I was well cared for both times. All was arranged for me (physical therapy etc) without a glitch. Very happy with the care I was given by Dr. Raisis and PA Emma Kaplan.- Janice M Swavy
Dr Smucker cares and takes the time to give you the information you need to make the best possible decision you can.  Fixed my knees with partial replacements, and it has been 14 yrs and I’m still going strong.  Thank you- Anonymous
Excellent care from 1st meeting, through surgery & after care – Dr Johnson & his team are the absolute best in their field. Liz Holst

Doctor Newcomb literally did everything and is still doing all he can to fix my ankle.  I have never had a doctor who listens so well, educates me and explores all options.  I had an awful ankle problem for at least 7 months – seen multiple doctors at least 4 times a month, and boom – within 2 visits he’s got my problems nailed.  Seriously, he’s the best- David Funk
I travel 1.5 hours each way to see Dr. Lingenfelter. He’s an excellent doctor and his bedside manner lets his patients know that he really cares about them. Doctor L makes me feel valued and important and the results from the surgery exceeded my expectations. He provided a realistic assessment of the surgery and likely results and his assessment was spot on. I have recommended him to numerous friends who have had similar excellent results.-Michael Trycieckyj

Dr. Seifert is the best! Before I met Dr. Seifert I was seeing multiple doctors for almost 2 years and none of them could figure out or would even listen to what I was trying to tell them. From the first visit I knew I found the best doctor for my medical condition. Dr. Seifert listened  to what I had to say and immediately took action to help me out. She literally gave me my life back, the surgeries were a success. Thanks to her I am able to continue to pursue my goals in life. She really cares about her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Seifert to anyone who wants the best service and results.- Raymond Blevins
Dr.Moran is truly the best doctor I have seen for my back issue. He takes the time to find out what your specific complications are and works tirelessly to fix them. Thanks Dr. Moran!- Frank

My surgeon [Adam Ginsburg] takes a very honest, kind, and realistic approach to my care. He gives me all the information I need to help me make an informed decision.  I recommend him completely.-Jessica La’Day 
Dr. Newell has helped my sciatica significantly. Through Dr. Newell, I was able to determine that I have a herniated disk L5-S1. After two spinal injections, the pain is greatly reduced. Very skilled and knowledgeable. Recommend. AAA+++ -RH

From just walking in the building all the way until I left, everyone treated me so very well. Made me feel so comfortable and explained step by step what they were doing. Thank you all so much!- Anonymous

My husband was due to have surgery on January 16th, however due to his medical condition beyond the surgery it was best to postpone until the latter part of the year. Dr. Marcuso and our Nurse Karen were amazing. They are compassionate and caring. The minute you walk in the door, you know you or your loved ones will be taken care of with compassion! Kudos to the entire staff!- Anonymous

“The staff- professional & courteous, made the whole experience pleasant and stress free.” – Theresa A.

“Everything was great, including nurses and staff!”- Jeanne R.

“They made me feel comfortable before and after surgery.” –Anonymous

“The staff was excellent” – Edwin T

“Staff was very attentive, especially Nurse Dan!” – Linda R.

“Attention from all staff members was excellent.” – Phillip

“Friendly staff, very efficient and on schedule. They made a follow up call to check up on me.” – Frank C

“Prompt service. Location was clean and properly equipped. Staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional.”- Anonymous

“Everyone was nice and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. You guys are great! Thanks for all you do.” – Teena S.

“Everyone that I interacted with was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable.” – Theresa S.

“My first time was excellent compared to other surgery centers.” – Phillip



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