Same Day Surgery

Welcome to First State Surgery Center where you will receive the best care from our team of board certified physicians. We are proud to offer same-day surgery to our valued patients.

Same-day surgery now accounts for more than 75% of all surgeries. Thanks to advances in technology and anesthesia, even surgeries that just a few years ago required a hospital stay can now be handled safely and with greater comfort in a surgery center.

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First State Surgery Center
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Joint Replacement


Uni Knee Replacement
Hip Replacement
Knee Replacement
Shoulder Replacement

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Cervical Spinal Disc Replacement


Cervical Total Disc Arthroplasty
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
Lumbar Disc Microsurgery

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Outpatient Procedures


Hand & Elbow
Foot & Ankle
Knee & Hip

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First State Surgery Center

All aspects of the First State Surgery Center are specifically designed for outpatient same-day surgery. A streamlined, efficient system has been developed to move patients smoothly from surgery preparation, to the operating rooms, and then to recovery. The First State Surgery Center has a proven record of completing a large volume of same-day surgical procedures safely and effectively. We are equipped to handle some of the most complex outpatient orthopaedic cases in a safe and efficient manner all while ensuring the comfort of our patients.

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Total Joint Cases

Our Physicians

The team at First State Surgery Center is devoted to meeting the needs of our patients, and is specially trained to treat a wide range of issues. The physicians at First State Surgery Center treat patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and provide patients with the latest state-of-the-art options available.

Meet Our Specialists

Doctors in Circle
Doctors in Circle
Doctors in Circle

Our Patients Say

Dr. Handling

Dr. Handling

“As with any major surgery, there is a pretty high degree of anxiety going in, but I had a great confidence in the First State team and Dr. Handling. To anyone on the fence about this surgery, I can only recommend that you have it done at First State Ortho!”

– Howard E. Miller

Dr. Axe

Dr. J Axe

“Dr. Axe is one of the best doctors around. He is friendly and likes to joke around to make you feel comfortable. He replaced my hip and did my meniscus tear. He explained everything that was going to happen from start to finish. If I could I would have him as my primary doctor.”

– Jodallas

Dr. Kahlon

Dr. Kahlon

“Professional, personable and genuinely caring is how I describe Dr. Kahlon. His staff is well trained and courteous. My hand surgery went very well with minimal pain or discomfort. Dr. Kahlon’s discharge instructions were clear which aided in my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Kahlon to anyone requiring orthopedic attention.”

– Howard E. Miller

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